What Is The TotePool At Betfred?

The TotePool is now run by Betfred, and it’s a completely different way of betting on horse racing. Think of it as more like an office sweepstake, where the prize pool consists of everybody else’s stake. The only difference is that unlike a sweepstake, your ticket isn’t being picked at random – you choose which horse you want to back.

How Does The TotePool Work?

  • Choose your horse and your stake
  • Your stake goes into the prize pool, along with the stake of everyone else who decides to bet on the race
  • Your horse wins
  • You share the total prize pool with anybody else who has picked the same horse as you

The following diagram shows how the whole process works.

How The TotePool Works at Betfred
How The TotePool Works at Betfred

What Are The Advantages Of The TotePool?

There are many reasons why people choose to bet on the TotePool instead of traditional fixed odds betting. These include the following:

  • You get better returns – typically TotePool winners get 9% better profits than fixed odds.
  • Bet against other people – with TotePool you are betting against other people, not against the bookie. That means there are no restrictions and no problems if you keep on winning.
  • Supporting UK horse racing – TotePool are the biggest contributor to UK racing, so your money is working to support the sport.

To try the TotePool for yourself, join Betfred today and claim the free bet using the button below. You can then look forward to bigger wins and no restrictions on your horse racing bets!

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