Euro 2016 Betting: Home Nations

The excitement is building ahead of Euro 2016 which starts a week on Friday. Bookmakers are starting to release their betting offers for the tournament, and there are plenty to choose from. All the big names are starting to release enhanced odds, free bets, money back offers, bonuses whenever your team wins or your players score a goal. There’s tons to choose from, and you can see the full list of Euro 2016 betting offers here.

Having these offers is all very well, and it will certainly help any punter to make a profit. But the obvious next question is, who to bet on? Many people will make a patriotic bet, especially with so many of the home nations having qualified. But can England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland actually make an impact on the tournament? This bet365 video assesses the chances of the home nations.

If you’re less confident about the chances of the home nations, then who else is best placed to succeed at Euro 2016? You should probably check out the Guardian’s excellent complete guide to Euro 2016 for more information. It gives a full guide to every team and every player. So whether you’re betting on overall winner, group winners, top scorer or the outcome of an individual match, this information will be invaluable when deciding where to place your bets.

France and Germany are the obvious favourites to win, but in our opinion Euro 2016 is wide open. It’s one of the most closely matched European Championship tournaments for many years, and there could easily be a surprise winner. Not necessarily another complete outsider like Greece or Denmark, but it’s certainly possible. And that is what makes it such an exciting and eagerly anticipated tournament.

So enjoy the bookmaker offers, bet wisely, and let’s look forward to a cracking summer of football!