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For those of you who don’t know what sports arbitrage is, we are going to give you a short explanation: Sports arbitrage betting is placing bets on all possible outcomes and get profit no matter the outcome.

Simple example for sports arbitrage is: Italy is playing against Russia. You bet 150on 5.4 for Italy to win at bookmaker “A” and 650on 1,26 at bookmaker “B” for Russia to win or to be drawn. If Italy win you will get 150×5,4=810and will lose 650 which is 810-650-150=10profit. If Russia win or is drawn you will get 650×1.26=819and will lose 150 which is 819-150-650=19again profit!

Yes, it is that simple as it looks.

If you have already heard for sports arbitrages or we got your interest now and are wondering where you could find all the useful information for it – Arbitrage Guides is the perfect solution for you. We are sure you don’t want to lose your money, so you will need to be prepared for the risks and what you need before getting started with sure bets. In Arbitrage Guides Courses you can find all the necessary information for it – video lessons how to bet, detailed and easy to understand text articles, group forum to discuss your ideas or ask questions and exchange experience with other arbitrage bettors and many detailed examples for sports arbitrage situations.

Arbitrage Guides provides two courses:

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